Isa & Lilian - Tunnel du Parpaillon

23 september 2006

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Wouter ontving onderstaande mail van Lilian (ontmoet tijdens de Alpentrip in 2005; zie 'ervaringen')

Hi !

We hope everybody's OK in Harlem. Here are some picts taken the day when we went to the Tunnel du Parpaillon, near Embrun village. There were family & friends, two Dodge Ram' & a Chevy Blazer.We had a good time. Is was great in spite of some electric problems with the Blazer (battery & wires).We met young Dutch people ("from the east of Holland", they said) and we sent them some picts too We saw wild animals and gorgeous landscapes.We do hope we'll meet you a next time to do the same again.

Best regards, Lilian & Isa 

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