Lilian - Spelen in sneeuw

januari 2005

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Lilian Mélo stuurde ons wat foto's met een routebeschrijving naar een mooie omgeving.

I'm in the South Alps.
I'm in 6/7km of Puy Saint's vincent A 2300m station
height of snow 104cm
Quality : Maid

In + - 20km of the station of Serre Chevalier
in 2800m height of snow 115cm
Quality : In the morning, lasts - After noon, sweet

In + - 30km of Montgenèvre
in 2800m's height station of snow 70cm
Quality: maid

By hoping that these indications are useful for you.
Of my esteemed I spend you in accompanying the e-mail about pictures of my
very stroll of 01/01/2005 in + - 1500m.
Wishing you a good reception and as my pictures please you.

Lilian Mélo

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lijn1.gif (3257 bytes)